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About Us

About Pyrrhos Gold

Pyrrhos Gold / PGold is a cryptocurrency that has set itself the task of tokenizing precious metals on the blockchain.

With PGold you have the possibility to keep gold in a tokenized form and to take your values with you everywhere.

Take large values with you across borders without any problems and exchange the PGold Token for real gold at any time and anywhere in the world and have this gold sent to you.

PGold is a very good investment with a strong team and a solid company in the background.

We are the most trusted gold platform in the world for buying and selling gold on the blockchain.

Pyrrhos Gold's mission is to become the world's No1 gold-backed cryptocurrency.

We want to achieve this by offering the best possible service and constantly expanding and improving our products.

We have been running our business since 2018 and have helped a lot of customers swap there cryptocurrencies to real gold and vise versa. Our headquarters are located in Germany and Malta in the European Union.


Our Key Features

Pyrrhos Gold prioritises her customers over anything, hence, we have added these features to our business.

Best Rate

We buy and sell Gold at the best possible rate on the market. We offer you the best value for your assets.


We can trade any amount of gold or PGold Token. We have a huge amount of gold ready to ship.

Fast Transaction

Transactions on the blockchain takes only a few seconds. We do not delay time before sending you your assets.


Trading with us, you are rest assured that you are dealing with a registered and trusted body.

Great Support

Our customer care is second to none as we listen to you and reply as quick as possible.

24/7 Online

We reply to your chat and can send your assets to you at anytime.












How it Works

Buy and hold the cryptocurrency PGold on different exchanges. For an actual exchange list, please visit
You send us your PGold Token via the platform, pay the shipping to your destionation.
We will send you the real gold directly to your door!

Frequently Asked Question

Below is a list of questions most users ask, so we have given quick answers for you.

Why Do I Trust You?

Pyrrhos Gold is a subsidiary of Pyrrhos Trust Company, a fully registered German Company. We are in the business for many years now. We are completly backed by gold. Our head quaters are in Germany and Malta.

How Do I Trade?

If you want to sell your PGold Tokens, physical Gold or just buy gold with FIAT money.
Please use the exchange service on the top of this side. If you have questions, feel free to ask us. We are happy if we can help you.

How Long Does It take To Get The Gold?

Trading your assets with us takes nothing more than a couple of days.
It depends on where you are located in the world! We use fast shipping via DHL.
In some cases it can be take a couple of days in the customs to be cleared. If it will take more time, we will inform you.

Where Can I Buy PGOLD Token?

Please visit our main company website to see all enabled exchanges,

What Happens If A Problem Arises?

In this case, please contact us and we will endeavor to resolve any problems immediately.
You can also find a contact form on our main website or simply send us an email.

What Is The Minimum/Maximum I/You can Buy/Trade/Send?

We have no limit. No minimum or maximum. We accept any amount. For larger orders or trades, please contact us in advance.


What our client's say

We are trusted by many big names in the cryptocurrency industry.
These people won't want to put down their names for a brand that is not trusted.

Mike Pence
I am really excited about the token gold exchange service. It's easy to use and the fees and shipping costs are fair too.
I would use it again and again. Simply a great and unique idea that you won't find anywhere else on the market.
Sarah Jones
I think PGold's service is just great. I exchanged my money on the stock exchange for PGold token and so I simply took the token with me on my computer across national borders. It was not a problem to get such large values without problems through the customs.
At my destination I simply exchanged my PGold Token for real gold and had it sent to me. Everything worked great.
Lorenz Lauer
This offer is simply unique. I was able to sell my gold on the platform without any problems and have received digital tokens that I can take with me anywhere and walk back if I want to. I will move to another country soon, so I can use this service very well.
Mark Henes
Wow, just great what this new and innovative service offers. I've always loved blockchain projects, but what this company does is simply unique.
I no longer have any problems transferring large amounts of money and it is also much cheaper than with traditional banks. And it's faster too.
I will definitely buy more PGold tokens and collect them as an investment!
Josee Cooper
I have exchanged my PGold Token on this platform for real gold and I am just amazed how fast and uncomplicated this service was. I simply sent my PGold Token to the company, paid the shipping fees and the small service fee and entered my address.
After about a week I was able to pick up my package at the post office! I live in Mexico and actually expected it to take much longer, thanks to the Pyrrhos Gold team!
Faisal Kabir
Paul Schneider
I found out about this service from a known one. Since I'm excited about blockchain technology anyway, I wanted to give it a try. So far I've only had experience with Bitcoin and Ethereum.
But the PGold Token and the offer around it simply convinced me. I sent some gold jewelry to the company via the Gold Platform, and after about a week I received the equivalent in PGold Token. I am really excited. The best thing is, I can exchange the tokens for real gold at any time.

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